A Guide on Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services Today


 People believe that equipment designed to be used on a commercial large scale are more productive than those designed for small scale use.  A commercial washing machine will handle more linen than a home based washing machine.  A domestic fridge handles less food than a commercial fridge.  The notion may hold some truth but not in all sectors including cleaning services.


Commercial and residential cleaning services are very different. One should never consider hiring commercial cleaners for their home based cleaning.   Similarly, it is not advisable to hire domestic cleaners to do cleaning for industrial spaces.  Residential and commercial cleaners are equipped to clean different spaces.


 Cleaning around homes is a thing to be proud of hence need to be well done.  For that reason, home cleaners usually give their all while doing their job. Residential cleaners are also very careful in handling items around the house  They know the importance of these items to the home owner hence will not want to cause any damage to them.   Since the items in offices and industries are usually not very delicate, commercial cleaners don't put much effort into taking care of them.  Industrial cleaning is often regarded as a form of maintaining the tools and equipment which an industry owns. Get more info here!


 Commercial cleaning usually puts the activities of a company at a standstill hence need to be undertaken when the normal operations of a company are not going on.  Commercial cleaning happens under minimum supervision hence, those doing it must be able to take care of the company's belongings.  Since house cleaning is done during the day, the home owner can be present and watch over their cleaning process.  Residential cleaners can build relationships with their clients since they interact with them.  Therefore, home cleaners are usually better at customer service and interaction than commercial cleaners.


The equipment used by commercial and residential cleaners also vary.  Equipment owned by home cleaners are relatively smaller than those owned by commercial cleaners.  Commercial cleaners are required to have the necessary chemicals that they can clean with to get rid of any disease carries. They go a long way in ensuring an office does not close down.  Commercial cleaners are the best for dealing with and dirt left behind after construction or a maintenance exercise in a company.


 The terms of payment by for Residential and commercial cleaners are different.  Residential cleaners are often paid the same day that they work while commercial cleaners may be paid after some agreed period. Click Here to get started!